Why are Cariuma shoes suddenly so popular?


What sparked curiosity about Cariuma shoes?

Nothing seems to influence fashion more than a member of the paparazzi capturing a celebrity casually wearing a particular product or sporting a particular hairstyle. In the 1970s, Dorothy Hamill’s wedge haircut became popular; in the ’80s MC Hammer made the harem pants famous, and by the’ 90s everyone wanted “the Rachel”.

A little over a month ago, FOX31 posted about comfortable yet stylish sneakers, and Cariuma shoes weren’t even on the list. Pete Davidson, Chris Martin, Jon Hamm, Robert Downey Jr. and Dame Helen Mirren all wear these shoes, and it has caused a turning point in the awareness of society. They make everyone curious as to why these shoes have suddenly become so popular.

What are Cariuma shoes?

At a glance, Cariuma appears to have a similar origin story to Vans shoes. Both tales involve two guys, skateboarding, and an innovative approach to doing business. But on closer inspection, it becomes clear that Cariuma is a revolutionary company that could only be born in modern times.

Cariuma is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was co-founded by David and Fernando, two men passionate about board sports and saving the planet. Both were familiar with the unnecessary practices of fast fashion and the uncomfortable fit of sneakers considered “cool”. To combat these inherent issues, David and Fernando decided to reinvent the sneaker from scratch, focusing on durability and comfort.

What does Cariuma mean?

According to a spokesperson for the company, “Cariuma” does not have a precise meaning. “It comes from different words from the native Brazilian language and represents diversity and inclusion.” The names of the styles of sneakers, however, are all words from the native Brazilian language called Tupi: OCA means “house”, CATIBA means “a natural area full of greenery and trees” and IBI means “land”. The spokesperson for Cariuma also said that “naming something is no easy task. We definitely took our time and decided carefully, choosing words that meant a lot to us and what we believe in.

What kind of ecological materials does Cariuma use in the manufacturing?

Cariuma goes above and beyond to make sustainability a viable business model. In addition to committing to planting two trees for each pair of sneakers sold, Cariuma uses several bio-based components in its manufacturing process. For example, the lining, laces, threads and labels of the IBI company logo are made from recycled plastic bottles. In addition, the upper is made of bamboo, the outsole is made of sugarcane green EVA and the signature Cariuma memory foam insole is made from recyclable cork and organic mamona oil.

Why are Cariuma shoes so popular?

Cariuma shoes were founded just a few years ago, in 2018. The brand has successfully addressed four key elements that have led to the skyrocketing popularity of the shoes.


Cariuma shoes are immediately comfortable. No break-in period is required. They fit as expected and are gentle on your feet from day one.

Available in a wide range of styles and colors

The company manufactures three types of shoes: OCA, CATIBA and IBI. Each of these shoes can be a low shoe or a high top shoe. Some styles are also available as slip-on shoes. Each combination is available in a variety of colors. When all of these are combined, it gives the consumer a choice of over 100 options, making it possible to find a shoe that looks like it was made just for you.


Cariuma tries to do everything right. The company uses recycled, organic and vegan materials and bio-based components in its manufacturing process. Cariuma sources materials responsibly and strives to maintain an ethical factory. Additionally, the company is committed to reforesting the Brazilian rainforest by planting more than 120 species of trees to help ensure the biodiversity the region needs to thrive.

Celebrities wear them

The clean, simple style and eco-friendly construction of Cariuma shoes have made them a favorite among celebrities. This raised awareness and helped the shoes achieve a highly desirable status.

The best Cariuma shoes for eco-friendly consumers

OCA High All Camel Suede

This signature men’s shoe has an old-school look, but it’s made with modern ethics. The upper is suede, while the insole is removable and lightweight memory foam with vegetable tanned leather. Available in women sizes too much.


IBI Leopard Print Pullover Knit

IBI Leopard Print Pullover Knit

The company presents these stylish and comfortable women’s leopard print shoes as “one of the low carbon sneakers ever made.” They are made of knitted bamboo and green EVA which has been made from sugar cane. Available in men’s sizes too much.


CATIBA Pro High Contrast Blue / Ivory

CATIBA Pro High Contrast Blue / Ivory

The eye-catching blue of these men’s high top shoes will stand out wherever you go to work or play. They are designed to allow maximum movement while providing impressive traction. Available in women sizes too much.


IBI Knitwear Pink

IBI Knitwear Pink

These women’s shoes are deliciously light and comfortable. They are made from recycled plastic, bamboo and sugar cane, which helps you reduce your carbon footprint. Available in men’s sizes too much.


OCA Low Yellow Canvas

OCA Low Yellow Canvas

The soles of these men’s shoes are made from natural rubber, while the lining, laces, threads and tags are made from recycled plastic bottles. The durable upper is made from GOTS certified cotton that has been grown without pesticides or the use of harmful chemicals. The best part about these sneakers, however, is their vintage yellow color. Available in women sizes, too much.


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