Try this alternate grip if you have trouble hitting mid-corner shots


Hitting a half corner can be tricky, but with this alternate grip, you can hit them with confidence and consistency.

No one likes lying down, but sometimes those tricky half-wedge shots force your hand. Sure, pushing the ball to the green would be fine, but if it’s at the cost of uncomfortable yardage on the green, resting seems like the right play.

Analytics tell us that while it looks like the “smart” game, it’s not necessarily the highest percentage pick. Hitting a full corner into the green is great for your psyche, but that doesn’t mean it’s better for your scorecard. The closer you are to the green, the lower your expected score – period.

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These 2 graphs show why the setup is rarely the correct game


Nick Clearwater, GOLFTEC Vice President of Instruction

With these facts in mind, it’s important that you feel comfortable hitting those tricky corner shots in between. If you want to maximize your scoring potential, you should have a few per turn.

However, half wedges are not always easy to hit. Recreational golfers don’t have the proper technology to dial in their yardage to the nth degree like Tour pros do, so hitting the less than full wedge can be an exercise in guesswork. Worse still, half-wedges have top-notch rod potential.

However, there is a way to make these half wedges easier to hit, and it all starts with your grip.

“One of the reasons they’re not very good at this is that with your normal grip, your hands want to get a little more active,” says Scott Fawcett, Founder of DECADE Golf.

To combat those overactive hands, Fawcett says he uses a “reverse straddle grip.”

“It’s a way to just cushion your hands,” he says. “You can end up losing speed by your grip as much as anything. And you can take what’s normally a 90-yard 60-degree and you can start hitting those 50-yard and 60-yard shots pretty easily.

Use this grip trick and you won’t have to lie down anymore. Hit the ball as close to the green as you can, take aim and card more birdies.

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