This fall, don’t reject wedge boots



Photographed by Theo Wenner, Vogue, july 2017

There is a polarized boot silhouette that gets a modern and stylish makeover. Enter: wedge boots, a winter shoe that owes part of its old-fashioned demise to its usefulness. The unashamedly comfort-oriented silhouette may have driven the vanguard of fashion away in recent years, but it’s also what is attracting people again. The sleek resurrection of the wedge boot has a lot to do with the style’s transition from goofy and clompy to sleek, minimalist and sleek. Much like the resurgence of the fashionable thong, the sleek ensemble’s aversion to the shoe’s silhouette has, in turn, given way to a minimalist, elevated, and avant-garde overhaul. Thanks to brands like The Row and Stella McCartney, thongs suddenly felt fresh, cool and stylish, catapulting them into stardom. Now the same is happening with wedge boots.

This fall, brands like Off-White, Amina Muaddi and even Zara are imagining sculptural wedge boots with clean lines that feel modern and minimalist, neither old-fashioned nor awkward. After houses like Celine have had unique wedge shoes on their catwalks in recent years, the style has officially taken hold. With countless brands jumping on board, it’s clear that the wedge boot is indeed destined for a stylish future.

Here, shop for the fresh and minimalist version of the wedge boots for fall. Who says comfort has to be sacrificed for style?

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