These stylish wedge sneakers are on sale at Nordstrom



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If you’re like me, you look forward to cooler weather all year round just because the sweaters, leggings, and boots (above all boots) are your favorite things in your wardrobe. But even if you’re like me and live for a nice pair of heeled ankle boots in winter, wearing the same style every day for months on end can get a little tedious. That’s why bringing a stylish pair of wedge sneakers into your wardrobe is key this time of year. Our favorites ? The Felicia ″ wedge trainers from Linea Paolo. They are available in three neutral shades and are currently at 41% off Nordstrom’s semi-annual sale.

When you think of “wedge sneakers,” you might think of the brightly colored shoes and rhinestone toes that your school-aged niece typically wears. But the “Felicia” is a subtle monochrome shoe that will make you look more like a sleek professional than a shiny pre-teen. Made from premium suede, leather or nappa leather depending on the color you choose, these sneakers are designed to be worn for years, no matter the weather or the terrain. It also doesn’t hurt that the shoes offer a slight lift thanks to the comfortable built-in heel. Whether you wear them with jeans or a dress, they will bring you effortless style.

If you’re still not totally convinced with the idea of ​​a wedge sneaker, you can rest assured that this pair currently has an almost five-star rating from Nordstrom, which comes with over 1,400 reviews. Many reviewers note the slim look of the sneakers as opposed to bulky competitors, as well as their versatility.

Think a pair of these items belong in your wardrobe? We recommend picking up a pair now – their reduced price will only last a few more days.

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