Protester banned from carrying eggs. And then ? Wearing shoes?


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The state’s latest attack on our right to protest is bizarre – as a court reportedly banned a protester from carrying eggs in public unless they were meant to be eaten. Feel free to say “you couldn’t make that shit up”.

Great job from a protester

As the Mirror reported, police arrested student Patrick Thelwell after throwing eggs at King Charles Windsor and his wife Camilla. The Mirror reported that:

Charles and Camilla were being greeted by town leaders when four eggs were thrown at them, all of which missed before the couple were whisked away. The monarch continued to shake hands with a member of the public as the eggs flew in her direction, pausing briefly to stare at the cracked shells on the ground. The lone protester was heard shouting “this country was built on the blood of slaves” as he was tackled to the ground by several police officers at Micklegate Bar, a medieval gate and home to major events. Onlookers in the crowd began chanting “God save the king” and “shame on you” at the man.

Of course, as the Guardian noted, egg-throwing is “Britain’s most traditional form of protest”:

David Cameron, Nigel Farage, Ruth Kelly, George Galloway, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nick Griffin, Simon Cowell, David Blaine: all were approached with more or less precision and response. Most famous of all remains John Prescott in North Wales in 2001, when the then Deputy Prime Minister responded to a perfectly aimed egg thrown by a farmhand with a Kevin Keegan haircut in punching him in the face, creating the gif that just keeps on giving.

However, according to the state, this is now subject to policy conditions.

The thin end of the wedge?

The Mirror reported that Thelwell asserted:

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his bail conditions had been quite “fun”. He said they were not allowed to be 500 meters inside the king and not allowed to possess eggs in a public place. Although he says they had to change that condition so he could shop. He said he had been charged with a public order offense under Article 4 and was due in court on December 1.

North Yorkshire Police have confirmed Thelwell’s arrest and release. However, while the story is fun, there is a sinister undertone.

As the Conservative government legislates to try to break strikes and stop protester actions like blocking roads – while police arrest journalists reporting on activism – banning a protester from carrying eggs is the root of the problem in an increasingly authoritarian State.

Featured Image via The Royal Family Channel – YouTube


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