Proof in mortgages. Is it legal?

Still in many rental companies we may be asked to leave proof for the time of borrowing some equipment. However, not every one of us realizes that it is illegal to ask for evidence of pledge and is a violation of the regulations in force in Poland.

A personal ID card is one of the basic documents of every adult person, but it can also be made for people under 18. Proof is our identity document that certifies who we are. We show it in many different situations, for example, the police in control, at the post office when collecting a package, when we take a loan from a bank or a non-banking company when we want to buy alcohol or other products intended for adults.

We can also ask for evidence at various points, for example when we want to rent a bike for a ride, when we are interested in water equipment or various types of equipment, for example, to visit museums. Therefore, each of us could or could meet with a request to provide evidence in the pledge. However, not everyone knows that we should not pass it on then.

Violation of the provisions on the processing of personal data and the Act on population registration and identity cards.

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First of all, a person who asks us to provide evidence of a pledge, violates several provisions, including provisions on the processing of personal data and the Law on population registration and identity cards. Anyone who processes personal data for which the retention of proof is also recognized has specific duties. These people asking for evidence in pledge are usually unable to meet.

We must remember that this action is not only illegal, but it can also be dangerous for us. Why? Proof, which we pledge, can be used for crime, for example someone can take out a loan or make a different contract.

Therefore, we should always look after our proof and not make it available to people who have no right to see or stop it.


Here one more issue arises, namely the copying of the ID card. We can often meet with requests to provide photocopies or scan proofs or the need to photocopy the evidence in order to use some services or products. For example, with such a request, we can meet with the use of non-bank or banking services, concluding subscription contracts.

Also photocopying or scanning your ID card is not a safe operation. However, we should remember that banks have the option. However, we should be careful in other cases. When we are asked to send proof via the Internet, we can write in the image that the proof is provided only for the needs of the given service. We can also blur in it information such as series and number that are not needed for our identification.