Peter Millar Apollo shoe review


Peter Millar Apollo shoe review

We’ve been fans of Peter Millar gear for quite some time and not just in golf.

Across the line there are great clothes, shoes and accessories, as evidenced by the fact that every time we look at the brands’ products they are usually awarded at least four out of five stars.

The performance is just good and the clothes have regularly appeared in guides like the best golf sweaters, the best golf waterproof jackets etc.

You can read some of the golf clothing we tested below …

Another example of this is the Hyperlight Apollo shoes that I recently received.

As you would expect from the name, Peter Millar says the design is inspired by the space race aesthetic and seeks to function as a lifestyle sneaker.

Looks-wise, I think they’ve really done it with the upper knit and textured yarns really providing a unique look, but not overdone.

Comfort is king here, as the tongue-less design and elastic laces mean the shoes are incredibly easy to put on, while the molded heel and soft material on the inside wrap the feet really well.

Peter Millar Apollo Shoes

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Now the elephant in the room is that these aren’t golf shoes, but I have used them for golf in a number of ways.

Sometimes I really didn’t feel like wearing golf shoes to work out so I decided to give the Apollos a try for it. When I used them at the stand I thought the grip was solid and the comfort was still top notch.

I used them on the green as well, and to be honest having such a comfortable shoe made me stay longer.

Granted, they’re not the best for real parts on the golf course, and the waterproofing isn’t substantial, but I have a few designs that made our best golf shoe guide so this was not a big deal.

I didn’t want to really get them dirty anyway as I realized that these shoes are incredibly versatile.

I used them a lot when walking around London and they also worked well with pants, shorts and socks of different lengths.

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Peter Millar Apollo Shoes

(Image credit: Monthly Golf)

Image 1 of 2

Peter Millar Apollo Shoes

(Image credit: Monthly Golf)

The choice of colors is also worth mentioning. I have them in a gray design, but there are four more to choose from that look really good and offer something a little different from all the other designs. I particularly like the True Blue and White offers.

There are many sizes to choose from ranging from 8-15 (US shoe size) and in terms of fit we recommend ordering a half size up from your usual shoe size.

They are also very easy to wash, which I did after someone stepped on my foot on the tube and left a big black mark on them. After a cold wash, the mark was gone.

And the last point is worth highlighting, and it seems totally unnecessary, but the box design is pretty cool.

To conclude, if you want a super comfortable pair of shoes that will work for training and just about anywhere off the golf course, then the Apollos might be a pair to try.

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