PETA Isn’t Okay With Beyonce’s Custom Isabel Marant Wedge Sneakers


Probably because she isn’t up for walking around wearing the same low-end Isabel Marant* wedge sneakers seen on so many other celebrities’ feet, Beyonce had her pair customized by PMK (perfectly done kicks).

According to them purchase orderPMK won’t help you for less than $300, but the pop star surely paid a premium: Beyonce had the Marant shoes re-skinned with a really tacky combination of stingray, ostrich, calf fur, crocodile and anaconda. Raw. If Beyonce thinks she has so much to prove that she has to have her (luxury designer) sneakers customized with a mix of rare animal skins, there’s no hope for the rest of us.

The Telegraph reports that PETA took the unusual step of releasing a statement protesting animal skin shoes:

“These custom-made kicks come at a high price and are paid for by the various animals that have been beaten and skinned alive or cruelly bred and killed. Although most people are not as familiar with the types of animals (snakes, stingrays, crocodiles, and ostriches) killed for that single pair of trainers as they are with the cats and dogs we share our homes with, these animals are highly sensitive living beings that strive to avoid being captured and suffer tremendously when trapped, imprisoned, speared and flayed alive.”

Ew sneakers made out of cat fur, I can already see the sick wheels turning Karl Lagerfeldthe brain.

Picture via PMK

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*The shoes are just under $400, which is a couple hundred dollars more than I can/want to spend on sneakers, but actually surprisingly decent for such a sought-after item. For example, if you wanted a pair more than anything, you would just have to go without food for a few weeks.


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