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Mercury is, as the term also indicates, a loan form that has speed as a keyword. The speed is expressed, among other things. knowing that you can have the money in your account the day after, but also the whole process ahead. In practice, this speed means that you will receive your repayment loan application within a quarter to one hour if you apply within the company’s business hours. At this time, the company has made a credit assessment of you which they use to design a loan offer for you. When you receive this offer on quick loans, remember to read all the details of the quick loan, as there are expenses you should pay close attention to. If you sign the loan offer immediately and send it back, you can expect to receive the money in your account within 1 ordinary banking day.

What requirements do I have to meet?

What requirements do I have to meet?

Wherever you choose to apply for a loan, a number of requirements apply to you as a loan applicant. In a traditional banking institution, you typically have to meet substantially more requirements than through our loan providers, while you, for example, pay a lower interest rate at a bank than through a quick loan. You should pay special attention to the following, as they are walkers in virtually all mortgage loans


It is always an important parameter. However, this one is fluctuating, but what is certain is that you must be over 18 to take out a quick loan. When you are 18, you are able to make independent legal decisions, which are binding and therefore you must be responsible.


In connection with the completion of the loan application, you may be asked to log in to the loan provider’s website with Easy ID. This verifies your status as being acceptable when using public pages, such as TAX and others. Therefore, you may need to have a NEM ID if you want a quick loan.

house purchase

If you are going to buy a house, we recommend looking at a mortgage, for example Nordea.

Not registered in RKI

Not registered in RKI

Some companies also require that you not be registered in Riber’s Credit Information, RKI, or the other large Danish debtor register, the Debtor Register, when applying for quick loans. For both, this is a register of bad payers, which companies use to retrieve information about current and potential customers.

Cheap quick loans today – fast and easy!

Cheap quick loans today - fast and easy!

Simply borrowing money has never been easier. There are now so many different loan types and loan providers that you can be absolutely sure to find a loan that fits you perfectly and the needs you have. A loan that has become very popular with the Danish population is the quick loan.

There are many good reasons for the growing popularity of mortgage loans. The default loan is a bit of a misunderstood loan among many Danes. The quick loan can be one of the cheap online loans. Due to the slightly higher interest rates on the quick loan, this is often seen as a rather expensive loan, but don’t be fooled. It may well be that the interest rate on the mortgage loan is slightly higher than, for example, the bank loan, but that does not mean that the loan is ultimately more expensive.

In fact, you do not pay very much interest on the quick loan. Because of the often small amount of borrowing and the quick repayment, you do not end up paying a lot of interest. Of course, with the bank loan, you do not pay the same high interest rates, but you are often stuck on the loan, and thus also the interest, for many years. In the case of the quick loan, the loan is therefore quickly out of the world again, thereby avoiding having the loan hanging over your head for many years.

However, there are several benefits to this online loan. It is the fastest and easiest loan on the Danish loan market. It takes no more than an easy ID and internet access and then you are just a few clicks away from getting the money into your account. You will often have the money in the account the same day you are accepted into the loan. Thus, taking an online loan has never been easier and cheaper.