Martha Stewart’s Shoe Pants Are The Most Confusing Thing I’ve Ever Seen In My Life


Martha Stewart

MediaPunch/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images Martha Stewart

Browsing through celebrity photos this morning, I thought Martha Stewart was wearing just a simple pair of brown leather leggings. It all seemed innocent enough.

But upon closer inspection, it appeared that her sneaker wedges were connected to these so-called leggings. In the era of joots, you can never be too sure. No pant-and-boot combo is safe from being combined into an extremely hard-to-clean ensemble, like the one Julia Fox recently wore for a night out with Kanye West.

Was Stewart on his way to meet Ye? Unlikely, given that it was Fox’s birthday last night, which she celebrated with her new boyfriend at Lucien in the East Village, of course. Julia Fox, however, is a pioneer of the joots movement — along with none other than Kim Kardashian — so Stewart sporting this puzzling brown leggings sneaker wedge look (horns?) on the eve of Fox’s birth looks like fate.

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But after zooming in on the image of Stewart’s outfit several times, I feel as confused as I originally did. The leggings appear to slide over her feet with a peep-toe and a cutout near the heel bone. But it also seems plausible that the leggings tucked into identically colored wedge espadrilles. Everything is possible these days. And if an octogenarian were to try the look that all of Kanye’s girlfriends have made popular, it would like to be Martha Stewart.

There isn’t more information about Stewart’s look on the internet, so I’m going to choose to believe that she’s sporting a leather legging-sneaker hybrid that’s unlike anything the world has ever seen before. Whether they’re online or not, joots, loot, and all of their confusing pantashoe cousins ​​happen, and they’re extremely hard to find. The best thing to do is find stockings and shoes that look almost identical and tuck them into each other. Whatever Stewart does is hot – in the most unconventional way.

Personally, Stewart’s gaze took me through the seven stages of grief. I was shocked, but now I accept that this is a very 2022 look after all, whatever exactly it is. So am I going to buy leather leggings to fit in all my leather shoes until I can get my hands on some shoes? Yes, yes I will. Long live the spoils!

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