How to wear wedge shoes


Most women like to collect shoes. In the arsenal of stylish fashionistas there are various models, styles and types. Some people prefer high heels, while others prefer low heeled pairs.

Wedges can be a compromise solution – glamorous women have no question what to wear them with. They are not just a feminine and elegant version of the platform model. Such couples do not harm health, and choosing them as an addition to the desired image, it is important to know that they are also a means of preventing certain diseases.

Fashion shoe designers offer many options for color schemes, materials in which their creative ideas are made. A variety of types of decor, variations in the design of the front and back, a hidden or contrasting sole – all this sets the stage for self-realization.

Distinctive features

When deciding what to wear wedge shoes with, you should keep in mind that these products are an alternative to its two types – platform and heel. At the same time, such a sole is both one and the other. The products on the platform are distinguished by a sole that has the same thickness along the entire length. In the second case, it becomes smaller towards the toe area.

Compared to heels, these models are more stable and comfortable. They follow the anatomical curve of the foot. The product allows the leg to be less tired even when worn all day.

There are several options for such a sole. Elegant ladies will be able to choose what to wear with hidden, contrasting or classic corners. It is important to remember that, unlike the platform, they look more elegant and feminine. This will allow you to create a wider range of outfits.

Comfort and elegance

Initially, such models were the prerogative of young girls. Today, ladies of different ages choose them with pleasure. Such pairs are comfortable to wear and visually increase growth. Petite ladies and owners of magnificent forms can choose what to wear wedges with, looking at the items in their wardrobe.

These pairs of shoes do not visually weigh down the figure and are perfect for creating ensembles with clothes of different styles. They are able to give the impression of a slender and graceful ankle, although in reality it is absent. It’s worth keeping in mind when deciding what to wear with wedges. Among the advantages of the products there is a reduced pressure on the foot, if the chosen model is on a wide sole of small height. The absence of discomfort and the effect of leg fatigue is also an important argument in favor of such a pair of shoes. There are virtually no restrictions on what wedges can be worn – they are universal.

History of creation

The outsole owes its birth to the famous Italian fashion designer Salvatore Ferragamo, who invented it in 1930. Cork wood is the material from which the world’s first such sole was made. From modern versions, it was distinguished by a height that did not exceed 5 cm.

Wedge shoes with what to wear were invented by fashionistas of the 70s generation. The shape and non-standard appearance attracted special attention. In the 80s, pairs of shoes with such soles became frequent in the collections of famous designers and entered the category of leaders of fashion seasons.

Since then, the appearance of shoes with this sole has not stopped changing. This has an impact on what stylish women decide to wear with wedges. They coordinate their wardrobe with the unusual shapes of the sole itself, non-trivial color schemes, prints and decor.

What to wear with wedge shoes?

In the arsenal of a woman who follows fashion, there must certainly be shoes with a similar sole. Among the outfits, she can always find wedge shoes with which to wear at any time of the year. It can be outfits of any style orientation, compiled taking into account current fashion trends.

Universal Corners go well with:

  • Dresses;
  • skirts
  • pants;
  • shorts;
  • jeans;
  • overalls.

With the help of wardrobe details, you can easily change the image. The material from which the product is made, the shape and color of the sole, as well as the wearing of the wedge shoes, contribute to the creation of harmonious ensembles in business, evening, romantic and other styles.

Bright colors, decorations in the form of buckles, fringes or bows allow you to create extravagant bows with clothes from different materials with all kinds of prints. Dresses, skirts and pants can be any style and length. Choosing wedge shoes with which to wear will not be too difficult.

The bottom line

A variety of options for shoes with unusual soles allows women to experiment with their image. Designers have created many models of wedge shoes with what to wear them, there is a huge selection of implementations. Suede and leather, with different types of fasteners and without them at all, they allow you to look new every day.


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