Get Up To 42% Off Vionic Roma Wedge Sandals


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And, as luck would have it, they have just been put up for sale. Right now, you can get up to 42% off a pair of ultra supportive sandals, a discount that brings their price down from $110 to just $63. It’s unclear how long this impressive offer will last, so we recommend picking up a pair now before the price goes back up.

Podiatrist-approved Vionic Roma Wedge Slingback Sandals have carefully designed insoles that prioritize arch, heel and toe support for optimal comfort. The contoured design hugs your arches to keep your feet in place so you can enjoy a natural stride whether you’re strolling the block, running errands, walking through a busy airport terminal or as you embark on a sightseeing tour through the cobbled streets. .

Their deep heel cups and cushioned toes also promote stability, while working together to absorb shock and relieve pressure for longer walks with less pain. For more comfort, the sandals have chunky rubber soles with a 1.25 inch platform and a 2 inch heel. They also feature adjustable hook-and-loop rear straps for added stability, so you can fit the shoes securely to your feet without worrying about them coming off halfway through.

Shoppers can choose from six trendy yet timeless colors, ranging from classics like black, white and brown to bold hues like light pink, yellow and a navy and gray combination. They are available in sizes 5 to 12 and include large widths if you need a roomier fit.

“Those are nice walking shoes,” a Nordstrom Rack buyer wrote, adding that they “fit well” and are “very comfortable”. Another reviewer chimed in to add that they “love the way the sandal feels on my arch.” They also pointed out that the shoes’ adjustable straps help them find the “perfect fit,” which they say is “great when your feet swell in the summer heat.”

A third customer said he had been “spoiled for life” since switching to Vionic shoes. They also called the Roma’ wedge sandals “wonderfully comfortable” footbed in their review.

Curious to see if the Vionic Roma Wedge Slingback Sandals worth the hype? Grab a pair from Nordstrom Rack today and treat your feet to their dream podiatrist-approved footbed. We have a feeling you’ll never want to take them off again.


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