Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge launch “Saints, Sinners & Serial Killers” podcast – deadline



EXCLUSIVE: Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge, the successful real-life crime writers behind the books that have been adapted for film Patriots Day and The most beautiful hours, now team up in the podcast space with Saints, sinners and serial killers. The new series will launch on March 15 and a joint production by MuddHouse Media and Sherman and Wedge’s Fort Point Media.

The 10-episode audio series aims to reveal exclusive new information on many of America’s most notorious crimes on topics in the pair’s wheelhouse in New England, from the Boston Marathon bombing to the Boston affair. Strangler and the Hunt and Capture of Whitey Bulger to the Assassination of John Lennon. These last two topics stem from the couple’s 2020 books on the topics: Hunting Whitey: The Inside Story of the Capture and Murder of America’s Most Wanted Crime Count, and John Lennon’s Last Days, this one written with James Patterson and centered on the Beatles legend’s preparations before his collision with Mark David Chapman.

“We’re excited to bring our disruptive brand of true crime stories to MuddHouse Media, one of the world’s leading podcast networks,” said Sherman and Wedge. “Through a series of 10 episodes, we will inform, entertain and scare the living” SH @! of our listeners. We don’t just write about real crime from a distance. We live the stories we tell.

Check out the pair’s promo for the podcast below.

The podcast kicks off with the first of two installments, “Hunting Whitey,” the untold story of the capture and murder of America’s most wanted crime boss. It will feature exclusive interviews with the FBI manhunter who caught Bulger after 16 years on the run and Bulger’s former cellmate as well as Bulger’s account of his arrest in his own words. It will be followed by the two-part “Terror Strikes Boston”, the couple’s definitive look at the 2013 terrorist attack on the finish line of the Boston Marathon and the manhunt and trial that followed. It was Sherman and Wedge’s book Strong boston on this subject which was made into a 2016 film directed by Peter Berg and starring Mark Wahlberg.

In all, Sherman and Wedge have written 13 books, at least two of which are in development for the cinema: Animal: The rise and fall of the mob’s most feared assassin and Ice Bucket Challenge: Pete Frates and the fight against ALS. Other titles include 12: The Inside Story Of Tom Brady’s Fight For Redemption, on the New England Patriots’ Deflategate scandal. The pair are replaced by the Gotham group.

“Sherman and Wedge are true top-notch crime experts,” said Kris Meyer, CEO and co-founder of MuddHouse Media. “With unprecedented access to notorious criminals, witnesses and an incredible network of law enforcement professionals, their award-winning investigative reporting is second to none. Saints, sinners and serial killers presents thrilling new details in a variety of cases where true crime fanatics will be on the edge of their seat. “

MuddHouse Media’s podcast lineup also includes audio series from former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, tennis player Patrick McEnroe and Boston Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youklis.



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