Best weightlifting shoes for men 2022


If your weight training sessions lack momentum, weightlifting shoes may be the answer. Whether you lift with equipment at home or make it a weekly habit at the gym, the best weightlifting shoes for men will improve your form and help stabilize your joints. They’re basically designed to support your entire body, and studies have shown them to be successful in improving squats by allowing for more depth, while still maintaining a proper upright position.

Compared to running sneakers, which provide flexibility and cushioning that absorbs shock from your joints during hard-hitting movements, weightlifting shoes tend to be wider. “This allows for more lateral movement to build and strengthen smaller, underused muscles that help stabilize you during a workout,” says Beverly Hills-based board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Hooman Melamed. , in California. You can also expect a wider toe box in the front of a weightlifting shoe to provide extra room to spread your toes during lifts for additional structural support.

“A shoe strap is also essential to provide an extra layer of foot stability,” adds Dr. Hooman, as is outsole grip (or traction) essential for maintaining non-slip contact with the ground when lifting. . The last thing you want during a heavy lunge is for your foot to slip under you.

Just like a good weightlifting bench, proper weightlifting shoes are essential if you’re looking to get the most out of your workouts. We looked at customer and expert reviews to suggest the best men’s weightlifting shoes in different categories.

Best Weightlifting Shoes for Men Overall

Elevate your way to greatness with this star shoe

Style, craftsmanship and functionality – the Reebok Lagacy II is up to any challenge. In an upgrade from its previous version of the Legacy Lifter, the TPU heel clip (for solid support) is tuned a notch higher for ultimate stability.

Its foam sockliner is designed to hold your foot in place when you lift it, which is important to prevent slipping and sliding, while a soft, strategically positioned foam interior provides solid cushioning and prevents hot spots. unwanted.

The shoe also features a two-part fastening system with laces and a wide Velcro strap around the midsection to hold your foot in place.

A customer said: “These shoes immediately made a difference in my squats. I have no trouble balancing myself and can focus on form only.

Main characteristics:

  • TPU high heel clip
  • Full-length rubber covered outsole for grip
  • Single attachment strap
  • Three colours
  • Breathable material

Best for:

  • Regular relievers
  • Narrower feet
  • Quality & design

Best Men’s Weightlifting Shoes for Beginners

A shoe to help you fall in love with weightlifting

The Adidas Powerlift 5 is an eco-friendly buy (at least 50% of the shoe is made from recycled content) with a price tag on the cheaper end of the weightlifting shoe spectrum. It’s ideal for beginners as its heel height (at 15mm) puts it at a lower rise to make it easier for you to lift onto a platform.

The shoe features open mesh panels that allow air to flow, while the base – an included midsole wedge – enhances your lifts by providing a solid surface even for heavier lifts.

Main characteristics:

  • High density EVA sole
  • four colors
  • Durable canvas and breathable inserts
  • Wedge midsole

Best for:

  • Beginner weightlifters
  • Economic purchase
  • Eco-conscious
  • Narrower feet

Best Advanced Weightlifting Shoes for Men

A sturdy shoe to enhance your lifting sessions

The Nike Romaleos 4 are the fourth release in this line of shoes, blending the outstanding features of the previous releases. Above all, it is designed to support the explosive movements of beast lifters. Although more expensive than weightlifting shoes, the Romaleos 4 deliver the goods. First, the shoe has a wide and durable TPU heel to ensure your lifts start without a hitch and double velcro straps for a snug and secure fit. It’s also designed with a flat outsole and no-compromise midsole to hold your feet in position during lifts.

The shoe itself is made from a breathable fabric that allows for more flexibility than previous models (according to reviews) and doesn’t compromise on quality for long life.

Keep in mind that the Romaleos 4 weigh more (570 grams) than many other weightlifting shoes on the market, which means they are sturdy but heavier than you might be used to.

Main characteristics:

  • Wide heel for support
  • TPU heel and midsole
  • 20mm toe drop
  • Two velcro straps

Best for:

  • Elite Level Weightlifters
  • Improved support
  • Slimmer/regular fit

Best Men’s Weightlifting Shoes for Wide Feet

Gives your feet plenty of room


The INOV 8 Fastlift Power G 380 is one of the latest models in the Fastlift range. It features both a graphene Powerheel and an outsole (for rock-solid traction), which, simply put, means a tough material to handle your heaviest load. A locking strap lets you change the width of the fit to hold your foot in place.

When it comes to width, these shoes are rated a 4 on the toe box scale of 1 to 5, which means they are roomier at the top than other lifting shoes. So if you’re looking for more room to spread your feet out, these shoes might do the trick.

Along with the roomy interior, the shoe features a one-piece ripstop upper, a flexible and breathable material that claims to offer comfort and support in tandem. This means you are less likely to need to “carry” time and unlike shoes with a more rigid structure, the Fastlift Power G 380 allow for greater freedom of movement.

Main characteristics:

  • Graphene Powerheel
  • Wide locking strap
  • Flexible tip
  • 22mm heel drop

Best for:

  • Regular and heavy lifters
  • Less restricted movement
  • Wider feet

Best Low Drop Weightlifting Shoes

A shorter heel drop to combine lifts with a burst of HIIT

The Nike Metcon 8 is the latest model in the Metcon line and a personal choice of Dr. Melamed, who credits its short heel drop (at 4mm) for better ground support. This makes it a great CrossFit shoe because it is supportive, without unwanted restriction. The shoe also features an optional lace lock in place of a strap, allowing you to choose how tight you want to secure it in place.

Unlike previous generations of the Metcon, this edition has an inner heel plate for better weight placement and improved lateral movement.

As for anyone with flat feet in need of a supportive shoe, one reviewer said the Nike Metcon 8 provides better arch support compared to other weightlifting shoes.

The general consensus is that minor tweaks differentiate the Metcon 8 from its previous version, suggesting that it only needed slight alteration to perfect the design.

Main characteristics:

  • arch support
  • Lace lock
  • 4mm heel drop
  • Soft heel

Best for:

  • Flat foot
  • CrossFit-style training
  • middleweight lifters

Best Hybrid Weightlifting Shoes for Men

Combine your deadlifts with a jump, jump and jump

Versatility is the name of the game with the Reebok Nano 6000, where your weight training and cardio sessions can blend into one. This hybrid shoe combines the best of both worlds with Floatride Energy foam that adds a little bounce to your step and adds a solid foundation for deadlifts, squats and more. It combines function and style with four tricolor options for a fashionable nod to its original design from 40 years ago.

The outsole has a tread pattern for traction on many surfaces as well as a heel support clip, which means you can train with the peace of mind that your shoe has a stable base, that you were lifting or running.

A customer said: “I was looking for a training shoe that I could use for both cardio and lifting workouts. The Nano 6000 is the shoe I was looking for. Provides stability whether I use it for cardio or lifting.

Main characteristics:

  • Broad tip
  • Four colors
  • Flexweave upper knit
  • Rubber outsole

Best for:

  • Hybrid strength training and cardio workouts
  • Agility training
  • Wider feet

Weightlifting shoes for men at the best value for money

Keep your feet on the ground for less

If you classify weightlifting as a hobby, the Nordic Lifting weightlifting shoes are a pair worthy of consideration. The heel is constructed from tough EVA foam that provides a stable base for loading medium to heavy weights. And if squats are your favorite, this shoe takes the cookie. With a 35.5mm heel rise, higher than most other shoes on the market, it’s great for maintaining a good squat position, tracked knees and all. The price is one of the most affordable on the market, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for. The shoes don’t offer the desired tread or stability in their base to up the ante on brute force.

A customer said: “The quality of the product is superb and the fit is perfect. I’m glad I made this purchase to add a new dimension of quality to my squats and heavy compound lifts.

Main characteristics:

  • Rubber sole
  • 35.5mm higher heel drop
  • EVA foam heel
  • Double strap

Best for:

  • Economic purchase
  • Beginner/intermediate lifters
  • Squats

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