6 essential casual shoes every woman should have in her closet


Do you often splurge on trendy shoes, but always feel like you have nothing to wear when you go out? This is because you are not investing in “essential shoes”. Essentials are those that are easy to style, comfortable to wear and go with most outfits. They are the ultimate investment and can last for years when chosen wisely.

So, to make your essential hunt easier, we’ve listed the six must-have causal shoes for women below. Check it out!

Trendy heels

Every woman likes to make a statement from time to time. High heels are fun to wear all year round. Their colorful, vibrant and graphic designs can give you a whole new look. You can wear them to a casual meeting with friends or to fun nights out. With on-trend heels, it’s best to keep the rest of your outfit simple unless you’re planning a very dramatic look.

The choice of high heels largely depends on the personality of the owner. Just make sure their color or design flatters your feet and body type. Whenever you buy one, remember to invest in good quality heels. It is better to opt for a single high quality pair that lasts for years than to buy several poor quality pairs that constantly need to be replaced.


Sneakers are the ultimate casual shoes. No other shoe can match the comfort they provide. But in addition to being comfortable and cool, they are also trendy and affordable. That is why they are one of the most popular shoes for both men and women. You can wear them with any casual outfit, be it dresses, jeans, t-shirts or shorts.

The best part of the sneakers is their versatility. They are available in many styles and several colors. They are therefore essential in your spring-summer collection. Colorful sneakers bring a burst of life to your monochromatic ensemble. You can wear them with or without socks, depending on what suits you. Many sneakers are unisex. They are as popular as casual shoes for men and women.

You will be saved moments what to wear on immediate plans with sneakers around. And since they are so affordable, it wouldn’t be a sin to have 2-3 pairs of different styles in your wardrobe.


Speaking of comfort, you can’t miss loafers. This is another must-have casual shoe for women. Inspired by men’s shoes, loafers are the new urban style for women. They are sophisticated, comfortable, no frills and give a feminine touch to your casual outfits. Moccasins will save you time, whether you’re running errands or planning a quick meeting with friends. Think of them as a more chic alternative to your ballerina.

Classic colors look great on any shoe, and loafers are no exception. Black and brown loafers go well with many outfits and are a safe investment. However, if you already have some, you can experiment with fun colors or prints to spice up your wardrobe.

Flat sandals

When you have beautiful feet, why hide them all the time? Better to highlight them with a nice pair of flat sandals. Your feet will receive the necessary air and the well-deserved attention. Besides, it’s always nice to have a chic sandal that you can put on without thinking too much.

Sandals are unlike any other shoe and hold a special place in Indian women’s closets. They go perfectly well with Indian outfits like lehenga, kurtis and sarees. However, you can also wear them casually with pants and skirts. Hence, they are another must-have pair, especially if you travel to the beaches frequently.

Sandals come in many styles. Opt for a casual day-to-day outfit and save the formal outfit for special occasions.


Boots are another everyday staple during the cold months. Boots are where comfort meets fashion. They give the perfect finish to your look while keeping your feet warm. The boots come in different sizes.

Ankle lengths are most preferred for regular use as they are both practical and stylish. But if you’re planning on making a statement, you might also like knee or thigh high boots. Whatever you choose, your wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of boots.


If you love heels but don’t want to kill your feet with pointy heels, wedge heels are perfect for you. These are comfortable heels for anyone looking to add a little extra height. You can wear them for long-lasting events without tiring your feet. They go with Indian and Western outfits and can be worn at formal events. It’s what you call an “essential shoe” that is worth your investment.

Last words

So now that you know the six essential casual shoes for women, what are you waiting for? If not, it’s time to go shopping. Having them ready can save your day and prepare you for all future occasions. Good shopping!


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