5 best running shoes in 2022



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Ask anyone who trains for a run like a marathon or 10k and they’ll likely spend a few minutes detailing the types of shoes they wear on race day. This is because which running shoes runners wear when fighting for another personal best is one of the most important decisions they will make.

In other words, any random pair of runners not To do. And while there is a wide variety of running shoes intended to meet an even wider range of running needs, there are a few things that make for a quality running shoe.

As a longtime runner, I have laced up just about every type of running shoe, from brands like Nike, Saucony, and Brooks. I discovered along the way what makes (and doesn’t make) a good runner and I became particularly adept at understanding why a shoe might perform better in some races than others.

Below, I’ve compiled five of my favorite running shoes designed for everything, including 10k, marathons, and training runs. I’ve also included information on how I tested each pair of running shoes at the bottom of this guide.

Here are the best running shoes of 2022

Best overall: Saucony Endorphine Pro, $ 129 at Saucony
The Saucony Endorphine Pro is designed for elite runners, but its accessible design and comfortable fit should appeal to anyone looking to increase their speed.

Ideal for the 10 km to the marathons: Brooks Hyperion Elite 2, $ 249.99 on Dick’s Sporting Goods
The Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 is a fast and stable running shoe, perfect for anyone who enjoys running 10k and half marathons.

Ideal for marathons: Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT%, $ 275 at Nike
The Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next% is designed exclusively for marathon runners, offering a high level of bounce, an extremely supportive foot feel and a design that limits stress on your legs.

Ideal for wet conditions: New Balance FuelCell RC Elite, $ 224.99 at New Balance
If you run a lot in slippery or wet conditions, the New Balance FuelCell RC Elite is the shoe for you; it offers a high level of grip, is extremely light and has been one of the most responsive shoes I have tested.

Ideal for training: Hoka One One Carbon X 2, $ 180 on Hoka One One
The Hoka Carbon X 2 helps improve your training, whether it’s for a 10k or a marathon, and it’s a stable, comfortable shoe with a ton of extra cushioning.



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