22 best wedding shoes for brides-to-be in 2022


If you’re going to have rain on your wedding day, you already know two things: 1. It’s good luck, and 2. You’re going to have that Alanis Morissette song stuck in your head the whole time. Still, if you’re planning on getting married in a particularly rainy climate, you’ll want to prepare with shoes that will stay looking like new even after being submerged in a puddle or two.

The Mara ballerina from Italeau is the perfect choice. If you’re wondering how a suede flat could be our no. 1 pickaxe for a rainy day, your reservations are more than understandable. However, these shoes are completely waterproof and do not retain stains. Plus, you still get that premium suede look.

Because they’re flat, they’ll keep you poised on your feet whether you’re around deep puddles or even patches of ice, but the elongated toe will still leave you looking sleek and not too casual. One review calls them “Probably the most comfortable apartment I’ve ever owned”, and it’s what everyone is looking for on their wedding day and every day.

You can get the Mara Ballet Flat for $239.00 at Italeau.

Heel Height: 1/2″ | Size Range: 4.5-14 | Half Sizes: Yes


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